Friday, October 19, 2012

Ms. Maggie's Ultimate Cozy Corner

Every classroom needs a cozy corner so that students have a place to go to when the classroom becomes too busy or too loud for them.  I found the perfect cozy corner at Park Road Montessori School this afternoon, right outside Ms. Maggie and Ms. Becky's classroom.   My wish is for every child to have access to this sort of learning environment where the teachers are willing to do things just a little differently.  When children's sensory needs are met, you'll find a classroom full of children exhibiting self control, appropriate regulation and a love for learning!

I'd be motivated to do a little research in here, how about you?

What a perfect reading spot!

The plan is for this to be a nice shady spot to retreat into, too!  They've planted Confederate Jasmine, which is an evergreen, to grow up and over the top of the netting!

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