Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another great way to use Fundanoodle's I Can Pound!

We are working on diagonals, so this big guy put pegs on each dot to form an X.  You could do the same with shapes and letters!
As you can see, it is quite resistive, so sometimes it takes 2 hands!  

He filled up all of the dots on the page with the tees.
He used his hands to put the pegs in, but you could use the hammer, too.

Next, he carefully placed marbles on top of each tee.  This required great control!

As you can see, it is hard work!  Increase the challenge by having your child hold 3 marbles in his hand.  Then, one at a time, have him move one from his palm to his fingertips to place it on top of the tee!

The finished product!

He is proud of his hard work!