Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Dozen Uses for Bean Bags

I don't know what we would do without bean bags in our clinic!  They serve several purposes, but we use them primarily to provide Heavy Work (get moving!)  and Deep Pressure Input (get calm and cozy!)!

Your kids will come up with all sorts of uses for these large bean bags, but here are a dozen uses to get you started!
  1. pull them or push them across the floor 
  2. throw them to a target
  3. stack them to make the Leaning of Tower Pisa
  4. challenge your balance by walking across a row of bean bags without "falling into the ocean"
  5. strengthen your core and upper body by crawling across a row of bean bags
  6. crab walk with one on your belly 
  7. jump off the trampoline, sofa or bed into a pile of bean bags
  8. pretend to be a turtle and crawl with it on your back
  9. snuggle in while reading 
  10. use as a boundary during circle time at school
  11. get buried by a big tower of bags- each bag could be a different pizza or sundae topping
  12. apply pressure through the bean bag- spread the mustard, ketchup and other toppings on the hot dog