Sunday, April 3, 2011

Be a Wise Insurance Consumer

As an office manager of a health care practice, every week I am giving families a refund for a health care expense that they had no idea they were due.   Know your policy and what you should be paying to health care providers.
Here are few tips:
·         Get online access to your policy so you will have real-time access to your EOB’s (explanation of benefits-a statement describing medical benefits and account activity, including explanation of why certain claims may or may not have been paid) and review each one to make sure you are paying the correct amount and that your medical benefits were processed correctly
·         Know your policy
o   what is covered in your policy and what is the co-pay (flat fee) and, or co-insurance (%) you are required to pay for different medical services?
o   what is the amount of your deductible?
o   what is the amount of your maximum out of pocket (this is the maximum you have to pay in your insurance year)?
·         If you have an HRA or HAS 1) know how much it is and, 2) know the process to obtain your expenditures back.
Good luck!  

Sandi Greene, Office Administrator