Friday, October 26, 2012

Ms. Amy follows her mother's advice!

1.  You touch the lives of children and their families every day. What do you find to be the most meaningful or rewarding part of your work?
      The most rewarding part of working at Touchstone Therapy is when one of my kids reaches a goal and I see a huge smile and their face. Recently  – one of my kids walked for the first time and gave me a big hug. It truly brought tears to my eyes seeing the joy on her mom’s face, too.

2.   We have a very experienced staff.  What did you learn a long time ago that still benefits your practice today?
          I always remember that even though I may feel really comfortable and confident when working with children, most kids don’t know me initially and they have to gain my trust. I have learned that it takes a lot of imagination and a big smile when working with children and hopefully there won’t be too many tears and they love to come to therapy!

3.  We have a unique setting for PTs.  What do you like most about our setting?
      I love working at Touchstone Therapy with such an excellent group of clinicians! This special setting allows all of the therapists – both PT and OT - to interact with each other and learn day to day. I have been practicing for 25 years and I am still enjoying and learning so much from my kids, parents and co-workers.

4.   Share your favorite quote.
   A favorite quote of mine is “ Do kind things for others because you want to; not because you expect something in return.” This is something my mom always told me as long as I can remember!

5. What is the advice you most frequently give parents?
      I always try to advise parents to take things one day at a time. It’s amazing to me to see how incredible early intervention is and how much progress children can make with physical therapy.

Ms. Amy has a giving spirit, both in her professional and personal life! Her playful nature helps, too! Her kids love to "feed" the animals pictured above with her while in PT!  Happy PT Month, Ms. Amy! 

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