Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ms. Chrys knows how to strike a pose!

1.      You touch the lives of children and their families every day.  What do you find to be the most meaningful or rewarding part of your work?  Getting to know the families and helping support them with knowledge about what is affecting their child.

2.     Share one of your most memorable accomplishments as a PT.  Anytime I see a child discover his independence and learn to move more freely within their capacity.

3.     We have a very experienced staff.  What did you learn a long time ago that still benefits your practice today?  To be present with each child, connect with them, look in their eyes,  stay calm so they will! 

4.     We have a unique setting for PTs.  What do you like most about our setting?  The freedom the environment creates for the child to explore and learn by doing.

5.     Kids say the funniest things.  Share something a child has said that still has you chuckling.   I have a little 3 year old now who always uses my name…she will say…”I’m coming Chrys”, or  “Ok  Chrys”  Always using my name in this manner makes me chuckle.

6.     What do you love most about your job?  That every child is completely unique.

7. Share your favorite quote.   "The land of healing lies within radiant wit the happiness that  i blindly sough i  thousan oute directions.

8.     What is the advice you most frequently give parents?  To take it one day at a time, trust their intuition and stay off the internet looking for information on their child's diagnoses! 
9.     Do you have any community recommendations for parents and their children to enjoy?  Mitey Riders Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program, Carolinas Rehabilitation Adaptive  Sports and Adventures Program

10.     What is a home exercise that could benefit any child?  To hug and be hugged everyday.

Ms. Chrys is our resident yogi. The kids love practicing yoga with Ms. Chrys!  She teaches yoga all around town to both children and adults.  Visit for more information about Ms. Chrys and Balanced Body Yoga Therapy.
Happy PT Month, Ms. Chrys!  Namaste.

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