Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pinching Power!

What a great activity to work on finger strength, dexterity, color identification and matching! Thank you, Julia V. for sharing this great DIY fine motor activity!

Julia used the following materials:
  •  A wooden ruler
  •   Paint (your choice).  I like that Julia used colors beyond the traditional primary colors!
  •   Traditional clothespins (super cheap!)
  •   A black Sharpie

  1. Julia painted the ruler into approximately one inch sections using a variety of colors.  It will probably take two coats.
  2. She separated the colors by a black line.
  3. She painted clothespins to match.  You could do 2 clothespins for each color, one for each side of the ruler.

It's that simple!  Watch for more clothespin activities and
share your favorite clothespin games!

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