Monday, August 6, 2012

 This is a great activity that doesn't take much time!

Keeping with our Olympic spirit, this painting activity works on your child's in-hand manipulation skills, primarily his ability to control the arches of his palm.

First, get a large sheet of paper or five paper plates, one for each color.
Next get 5 plastic cups.
Then, place a quarter size dollop of paint on each plate or around the paper. You'll need: black, blue, red, yellow and green paint.
Find your canvas; a standard piece of paper works!

Using a plastic cup, roll the rim around the paint or some kids like to "stir" it in a circular motion.

"Stamp" the cup onto the paper following the Olympic Ring Design:  blue, black and red on the top row, yellow and green on the second row.  Be sure to overlap the yellow onto the blue and black and the green onto the black and red.

To add a bilateral and tactile component, have your child trace around the cup like a stencil to form the Olympic Rings.  Then, she can use her fingertip to dab on paint to color the rings.

The finished product that will make them proud!

If you're feeling like some abstract art, try this version of the Olympic Rings!

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