Monday, August 20, 2012

Clothespin Clipping on a Coffee Can!

Here's another clothespin activity that took no time at all to whip up!

Skills Addressed:
  • bilateral coordination
  • pinch strength
  • manual dexterity
  • cognition for color matching
  • visual motor
  • visual percpetual
 Look Closely:  The same three fingers that your child uses to pinch the clothespins are the same three that he or she will need to use to hold a pencil, button a shirt or unscrew the toothpaste lid!

Materials Needed:
  • Coffee Can or similar container-keep the lid
  • Colored Clothespins
  • Pictures (approximately 1 inch in size) You can either color them to match the clothespins you have or print them out accordingly.
  • Glue


1. I colored the pictures (8) to match clothespins that I had.
2. Glue the pictures around the can.
3. Let dry. The kids were at work within 10 minutes!
The can provides nice storage for the clothespins when not in use!

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