Saturday, August 10, 2013

Five Favorite Fidgets for Back to School Success

Magic Loops
Fidgets are great for kids and grown-ups to keep our hands busy and foster attention and concentration.  My office manager uses a variety of fidgets at her desk to sustain focus at the computer or while she is on those long phone calls with insurance companies.  The kids love walking by her desk to see her latest strategy. 

Tangle Jr.

For school, silent fidgets are important so that other students are not distracted.  Fidgets can be used at the desk during instructional periods or when students have to quietly sit still at circle time.  They can be a great strategy to sustain attention for homework, too.


I love when I walk into a classroom and see a bin of fidgets that the students have access to when they feel the need to fidget.  Or, some children like to store their fidgets in a pencil box in their desk.  Talk to your students about what might work best for them. Encourage all students to use the fidgets, but be sure to set expectations and rules for fidgets.

Fidget Pencils

My five favorite (silent) fidgets are:
1.    The Fidget Pencil
2.    Tangle Jr.
3.    Boink
4.    Inside Out Ball
5.    Magic Loops
Inside Out Ball

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  1. I just got those pencils from Amazon yesterday. We have all of those helpful fidgets. I also bought some small erasers (dinosaur) that are soft with moveable feet. Ohh yes, don't forget about about Crazy Aaron's putty.