Tuesday, January 28, 2014

There Must Have Been Some Magic In That Old Silk Hat!

We cannot deny the excitement of the snow that we are expecting today!  While I was at my schools today,  the kids were all sharing with me how they plan to enjoy the snow.  There are big plans for  snowmen, snow angels and lots of snowball fights!  But, how are you going to entertain them once their fingers and toes are frozen?!  After they build their Frostys, have them come in for a cup of hot chocolate and a fun game with the neighborhood kids.  Here's a game that I guarantee they'll love!

You can use any hat, or even a sock or a mitten.  I used Frosty's Magic Hat today for a game of stereognosis.  In OT terms, stereognosis is the ability to perceive common objects, through the sense of touch, only.  So, NO PEEKING, allowed!  If needed, use a scarf to blindfold the children to really work on using their fingers to feel the objects.

Take a quick trip around the house and pick up everyday, familiar objects to put in your hat.  Then, round up the kids and get the game started! Without looking in the hat, have the kids identify an object, using only their "magic fingers" and sense of touch. Or, to make it a tad easier, give them a specific object to look for.

Have Fun!

Additional tidbits:

  • Add some excitement to a Christmas party with Stocking Stereognosis!
  • Practice snow angels, they are great for bilateral motor coordination.
  • Gather a bunch of pairs of white socks and have an indoor snowball fight!
Michelle Yoder, OTR/L

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