Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Sensory Bin Like No Other!

When I show up to the Speech Garden Sensory Preschool with my water marbles, the kids squeal with delight.  This is truly a favorite sensory bin.  (The kids call them water marbles, but they are those water beads that are intended for plants.) Some children are not fond of the wet feel right away, but the brilliant colors end up drawing them in!  I love using the science tongs with the water marbles as they open and close just like scissors and provide another means for practicing the motions for cutting.  While some children enjoy filling bowls or pouring a cup of water marbles onto their hands, others find it fun to “feed” the fish and frog (bath tub grippers) by placing the marbles into the little “divots”.   Sensory bins are a great way to promote language as the kids describe what they see, feel and smell.  We talk about the colors of the marbles, how some are bigger than others and the kids get excited when the find anomalies. They also work together sharing the space around the bin, as well as the tools and supplies within the bin.  Not only do we see bursts of language, but improved arousal levels as they explore this favorite tactile bin!

Michelle Yoder, OTR/L

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