Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rainy Day Fun!

It's raining here in Charlotte and perhaps snow is on the way?! Your kids will need to get their wiggles out while the skies are grey!

Get out a roll of packaging bubbles for some large and small motor fun!
There is nothing more enticing than walking, skipping, hopping or crawling along the path of bubbles.  After they've gotten their wiggles out, sit down for some resistive finger work popping the bubbles.  Work on tool use by pounding them with a hammer.  Write letters in random order on the bubbles for letter identification or spelling.  I've even seen sight words written on individual bubbles.  Packing bubbles can be a great way to provide sensory input while enhancing learning!

They love the feel of the bubbles popping under their feet!  They will walk the path over and over, again.  Try crawling along it, too!

Just plain silly!

Pound and pop the letters of your name with a hammer!

Pop the letters of the alphabet in ABC order!

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