Friday, December 7, 2012

The colander catch!

I know you are all out shopping for fancy toys for the holidays.  Put those thoughts aside for a moment and consider this simple toss and catch game!  I found these two colanders at the dollar store and paired them with some tactile balls that we had in the clinic for a fun and easy game of toss and catch.  These tactile balls are nicely sized for their little hands.  The colander is large so that it fosters success with catching and it provides a nice large target for the thrower. Small pitchers work nicely, too and I also found those at the dollar store. The kids love the novelty of it, as they think it's quite silly playing with a strainer!

This is a great activity to work on visual attention, oculomotor skills, motor coordination, postural stability and upper body strength.  You may find as she is learning to throw that she will walk towards you.  If she does this provide her with a visual marker to stand on and pretend that her feet are "glued" to it.

If the game of toss and catch is too difficult, set up a laundry basket 2 to 3 feet away and have your child stand on a spot, maybe a taped mark or paper plate.  Encourage her to aim for the basket. Throw some pre-writing in there and have her keep a tally of the shots that she makes.

These are perfect indoor activities for the cold winter months!

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