Friday, September 14, 2012

Cutting Mastery!

As we progress from cutting straight lines to simple shapes, curves and angles, the key is using the assistive hand to turn the paper.  I always tell children that their dominant hand is the motor and their non-dominant hand is the steering wheel.

First, try to cut out a square, as it's similar to cutting a straight line.  Once they get to the corner, tell them to stop and turn the paper with their assistive hands.

A zigzag line is somewhat similar to a square as they will cut a short distance, stop and turn the paper to continue along the line.

Next, introduce a curved line, which will require slight adjustments as they move along the curved line.

After they feel comfortable with that, have them cut out a circle.  Circles are quite challenging as they require constant turning and adjustments of the paper with the assistive, non-dominant hand.

The most difficult challenge will be cutting out a picture with curves and angles.  Again, cue them to keep a thumb's up approach with the scissors, their dominant elbow at their sides and really work to let their non-dominant hands do all of the turning!

Simple animal shapes often provide nice curves and angles for cutting.

She is demonstrating nice turning of the paper with her assistive hand as evidenced by her upside down bunny.

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