Sunday, May 15, 2011

Letters of Love and Supplies to Haiti

miriam center
A new life and love for special-needs children.
An estimated 5 to 10 percent of babies in Haiti are born with a serious mental or physical handicap each year.
Many of them never get a chance at life.
Some are abandoned by parents who cannot or will not care for them.  Many others die as children from poor medical care.
Ralph was one of those children.  He was born with permanent brain damage and, despite his parents’ best efforts, Ralph died as a baby.
It was for children like Ralph that the Miriam center was conceived.  A generous donor couple, moved by the death of their own daughter to do something for special-needs children in Haiti, worked with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission in 2001 to build the orphanage that is today the Miriam Center.
The only orphanage of its kind in Northwest Haiti, the Miriam Center is a place where disabled children survive and thrive.

In honor of OT month, Touchstone Therapy began collecting donations for the Miriam Center.  The center relies on this assistance in order to continue to care for those children in need.  Donations can include new or gently used items. 
Specific needs include:
Everyday Items:
-          Crib Sheets                                                           
-          Twin Sheets
-          Pillow Cases
-          Clorox Wipes
-          Baby Powder
-          Baby Shampoo
-          Shampoo and Conditioner
-          Hand Soap
-          Bar Soap
-          Body Wash
-          Lotion
-          Combs
-          Washcloths
-          Spoons
-          Bowls
     Play Items:
-          Play dough
-          Bubbles
-          Water Toys
-          Shaving Cream
-          Balloons
-          Big Knob Puzzles
-          Shape Sorters
-          Pop-up Toys
-          Musical Toys
-          Pull Toys
-          Finger Paints
-          Water Colors
-          Sponges
-          Fat Paint Brushes
-          Fat Crayons

We will be collecting donations through the month of May.  If you would like to help us in our efforts, you may drop donations off at 561 N. Polk St. Pineville  You can also get your children involved by having him or her draw a picture or write a story about themselves to send with the supplies.  It can be a fun and creative learning opportunity that you both can enjoy!

Dana Elliot, MS, OTR/L


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